My first dog was a Deerhound.

In 1986 I moved to England to Dagmar Kenis Pordham’s place 'Solstrand Greyhounds & Irish Wolfhounds',
Peters Farm in Sussex was then my “base”.

At Solstrand I was introduced to a very correct type (from my point of view) of Greyhounds, met some famous and well-known 'doggy' people from all around the globe, here I cannot mention them all.
We have owned three Greyhounds and bred two litters.
The off-spring was very successful, also for beauty and performance.

At the moment we share our home with our Deerhounds, Border Terriers and our standard Dachshund LuLu from The Netherlands.We are very lucky that Klaus is the whole day at home and takes care of all animals, and our household……

My other interests are. having friends over for dinner, gardening, visiting historic places, arts, baking and cooking.
I was a senior sales manager for 23 years at MSD animal health, and Team-manager for one of the largest veterinarian clinics.

Since 2002 I have judged Sighthounds in almost all European countries, the USA and Bahrain;

I am a member of the German Sighthound Club and have served for the club in several positions like president, show-manager (ring-secretary, ring-steward, translator)and have been part for many years of the organization team for the largest Sighthound - event in Europe 'Donaueschingen'.
Also I am a life member of the Deerhound Club UK and a member of the UK Kennel Club.

Björn Fritz

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