Information for foreign Exhibitors

On Saturday June 5th, the NVOW and the Ierdie will organize their fifth joint Club show. This takes place in the open air. We are guests at the Sighthound racing club Midland in Lelystad. Registration is open to everyone.

For all breeds this is a Championship club show. The title 'Club winner 2021' is available for every Best of breed.

A championship prize achieved at a Championship club show counts for two championship prizes if at least 20 dogs of the relevant breed or variety are entered during the Championship club show and at least 16 dogs participate in the show. A championship prize counts for one championship prize if fewer than 20 dogs of the relevant breed or variety are registered during the Championship Club show, or if fewer than 16 dogs participate in the judgement. Youngest puppies and puppies do not count when determining the numbers.


  • Mrs. Jos Dekker (NL)

    Afghan Hound, Podenco Canario, Podenco Ibicenco and Pharaoh Hound.

  • Mrs. Erica Bakker-van de Woestijne (NL)

    Azawakh, Saluki and Sloughi.

  • Mrs. Lia van der Veen (NL)

    Irish Wolfhound.

Erering/Ring of Honour

Kind - hond

Mevrouw Petra Dölle

Beste jongste puppy

Mevrouw Jos Dekker

Beste puppy

Mevrouw Erica Bakker-van de Woestijne

BIS koppel

Mevrouw Lia van der Veen

BIS groep

Mevrouw Jos Dekker

BIS Ierdie

Mevrouw Lia van der Veen

Beste jeugdhond

Mevrouw Erica Bakker-van de Woestijne

Beste veteraan

Mevrouw Lia van der Veen

Beste gebruikshond

Mevrouw Jos Dekker


Mevrouw Erica Bakker-van de Woestijne

Surprême Best in Show

Alle drie de keurmeesters

Inschrijfgeld/Entry fee



Niet leden

1e hond

32,50 35,00

2e en 3e hond

27,50 30,00

4e hond

17,50 20,00

5e hond en meer

17,50 20,00

Jongste puppy

12,50 12,50


15,00 15,00


15,00 15,00


7,50 7,50


7,50 7,50

Kind - Hond

5,00 5,00

Additional rules due to Corona

  • During the individual judgement, both the judge and the exhibitor will wear a face mask

  • The applicable Corona rules must be adhered to.

  • Stay at home with colds, fever or when a housemate is quarantined.

  • Changing Corona rules relevant to the club match will be followed, published on our websites and communicated to entrants as necessary.


Betaling graag voor/Payment before 23-5-2019
ING-nummer 36.18.202
IBAN: NL17INGB0003618202
t.n.v. NVOW Ned. Ver. Oosterse Windhonden.

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